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Double Basket Case

Sometimes you need the industrial strength basket

This isn't so much a sock pattern as a leg pattern.  Use your own favorite sock heel turn and toe closure. 
Using size1 dpns or circular needles, cast on 73 stitches. Join into ring, knitting the last stitch and the first stitch together (this prevents the 'gapping' at the join of the round)--72 stitches. Work in k2 p2 rib for an inch (more or less, your preference!) Begin pattern as follows: I knit on 2 circulars, so I give directions for two sections: Instep and heel/sole of foot.  If you knit using Magic Loop or dpns, adjust accordingly.

R1: knit around

R2&5: *k11 p2 k2 p2 k1 around

R3&4: *k1 p8 k2 p2 k2 p2 k1 around

R6-9: Repeat Rounds 2-5

R 10: knit around

R11&14: *k2 p2 k2 p2 k10 around

R12&13: * k2 p2 k2 p2 k2 p8 around

R15-18: Repeat Rounds 11-13.

Repeat these 18 rounds for desired length of ankle. I did 5 repeats of the pattern, but I prefer long sock legs!

From here, work your favorite sock 'basics' of heel, foot and toe. Enjoy!
Here's how I did the heel turn on 36 stitches:
R 1:  Sl1, k1 across to end of row
R 2:  Sl first stitch, purl across
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until heel flap is desired length (try 36 rows). 
Turn heel: 
R1: Sl1, k1 for 24 stitches, k2tog, turn.
R2: Sl1, purl 12 stitches, p2tog, turn.
R3: Sl1, k1 to one stitch before the gap, k2tog, turn
R4: Sl1, purl to one stitch before gap, p2tog, turn

Repeat Rows 3&4 until all heel flap stitches have been used up.  Pick up stitches for gusset by picking up one stitch for every slip stitch selvedge.  Continue across instep, in pattern or plain if you prefer.  Pick up selvedge stitches down the other side of heel flap the same way, knit across heel bottom. 
Gusset decreases:  Every other row, on heel stitches, knit to 3 stitches before the end, k2tog, knit across instep.  Starting on heel stitches again, knit 1, ssk, knit rest of heel stitches.  Decrease down to 36 stitches, knit sole of foot plain until 2 inches shy of desired foot length.
My standard toe:
Knit one round even, no patterning on instep. 
R1: k1, ssk, knit to 3 stitches shy of end of row, k2tog, k1.  Repeat on other needle (four decreases this round).
R2.  Knit plain. 
Repeat R1 &2 until you have 14 stitches remaining on each half--28 total.  Do one last decrease round like so:  slip stitch, knit one, psso, knit to two stitches short of end of row, slip left hand stitch over right hand stitch on left hand needle (last stitch goes over second-to-last), knit that stitch that just had the stitch passed over it.  24 stitches remain.  Kitchener closed.  Voila.

Blurry picture, but you get idea of waffly texture. It's nice!


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