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Who needs cable needles?

Cast on 70 stitches of fingering weight yarn, size 2 needles. 
Stitch pattern (repeat of 10 stitches)

Definition: RT: k2tog, but don't slip off left needle. Now, insert needle in first stitch on left hand needle, knit that stitch. Only then do you slip both stitches off left hand needle.

Set up row (you may or may not want to do some plain ol' ribbing first, if you do, have your ribbing as k4 p2 k2 p2 around). You will need to do this row only ONCE, to set up the spiraling of the ribbed columns:

Set up (or Round 0): *k2 RT p2 RT p2 around

All odd rounds: work even (knit the knits, purl the purls)

Round 2: *k1 RT k1 p2 RT p2 around

Round 4: *RT RT p2 RT p2 around

Repeat this four round pattern until desired length to heel. I continued the pattern down the heel flap, since i'm a clog kinda girl. If you choose to do the same, make sure a) you begin the heel on a twisting row (so purl rows will be 'work even) and b) you center your pattern, by starting with a p1 and ending with a p1. For my 70 stitch sock, i put an extra stitch onto the instep so i did the heel flap on 34 (not 35) stitches. Use your favorite heel turn and rest of sock technique!
My favorite heel turn is posted under Double Baske Case.  In this case, you'd start the heel turn by doing 23 stitches, k2 tog, turn, purl 11, p2 tog, turn, etc. 



Lang Trekking.  This also looks *great* in solid color yarn. 

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