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Japanese Feather

Wavy and lacy, yet still warm!

Japanese Feather pattern (Barbara Walker)

Instructions are for the first needle of the three. '3x' means repeat what's in the parentheses 3 times.

Round 1 and all odd numbered rows: p1 k 10 p1 k10.

Round 2: p1 k10 p1 k 10

Round 4: p1 k10 p1 k10

Round 6: p1 k1 (yo k1) 3x (ssk) 3x p1 k1 (yo k1)3x (ssk)3x

Round 8: p1 k1 (k1 yo)3x (ssk)3x p1 k1 (k1 yo)3x (ssk)3x

Round 10: same as round 6

Round 12: same as round 8

Round 14: same as round 6

Round 16: p1 k10 p1 k10

Round 18: p1 k10 p1 k10

Round 20: p1 (k2tog)3x (k1 yo)3x k1

Round 22: p1 (k2tog)3x (yo k1)3x k1

Round 24: as round 20

Round 26: as round 22

Round 28: as round 20.


Using fingering weight yarn and size two needles (you may want to go down to size ones: I wear a size 10 ladies shoe), CO 66 stitches, join in ring.  It's easiest to keep track of this lace pattern if you divide stitches in three, so I used a set of 4 dpns (3 holding, one working needle).  If you use Magic Loop or two circulars, divide stitches so that one section has 44 stitches, the other 22, so you can keep better track of your lace progress. 
 Work in k1 p1 rib for one inch. Work two repetitions of pattern (56 rows). Now do rounds 1-4 of pattern (so you'll have one other 'plain' round when starting on instep again, to get your bearings).

Divide for heel, with 33 stitches in reserve for instep, 33 for heel. Heel stitch. I did it as follows: k2 *sl 1 k1* across, slip last stitch purlwise wyif. WS row: purl each stitch, slipping last stitch purlwise wyif. When heel flap is appropriate length (about 2 1/2 inches for me) turn heel as follows: k20, k2tog, k1. Turn. Slip first stitch, purl7, p2tog, p1, turn. Slip first stitch, work to one stitch before the gap, k2tog, k1, turn. Continue working in this way till all heel stitches have been used up. Pick up stitches along chain stitch loops on heel flap. I pick up through both loops, and knit through back loop the next round around. Work *p1 k10* across instep 33 stitches. Pick up loops on other side of heel. Count stitches and figure out how many you need to "lose" in your gusset. Work gusset decreases as follows: N1(Needle 1) work to within 3 stitches of end, k2 tog, k1. N2 work across in pattern stitch. N3: k1 sl1 k1 psso, knit to end. Knit one round plain. Continue in this manner alternating the two rows until you've gotten back down to 66 stitches total. Don't worry if one side has one more decrease than the other.

Work foot length. I managed to get 2 more iterations of pattern down the foot, but i have big feet. Adjust accordingly. When about 2 inches short of desired length, begin toe decreases. I did a wedge toe, because it's the one I have memorized, but feel free to substitute another. If i made these socks again i'd probably do Nancy Bush's Long Toe. Anyhoo, decrease as follows: N1: work to within 3 stitches of end, k2 tog, k1. N2: k1 sl 1 k1, psso work to within 3 stitches of end, k2tog, k1. N3: k1 sl 1 k1 psso work to end. Knit one round plain. Alternate these two rows till you've gotten rid of 50% of your stitches, then decrease every round. When you've got about 20 stitches left in all, cut long tail and kitchener them together. Hurrah!

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