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Mrs. Weasley's Gaiter

A reversible knit neck gaiter in Gryffindor colors!

Weasley Gaiter

Mrs Weasley’s Reversible Gaiter


1 skein each Lion Brand Wool Ease Cranberry and Gold

Size 7 needles, however you prefer to knit in the round—I prefer two circulars, but you may like dpns.

Cable needle


Reversible Cable Pattern:

R1: (K6 p3/3 cable cross K6 P6) around (4 purl crosses).

R2: K6 P6 around

R3: (K3/3 cable cross P6 K6 P6) around (4 knit crosses)

R4-8: K6 P6 around

R9: (K6 P6 K6 P3/3 cable cross) around (4 purl crosses)

R10: K6 P6 around

R11: (K6 P6 K 3/3cable cross P6) around (4 knit crosses)

R12-16: K6 P6 around.


CO 97 stitches.  Join into round without twisting, knitting first and last stitch together to help avoid a ‘jog’. 

Rounds 1-4: K6 P6 around

Begin Reversible Cable Pattern. Repeat entire pattern 5 times (or as many as desired until length).  Add contrast color stripes during the second and fifth times through pattern, for 6 rows of contrast.  You may want your stripes thinner or only during the plain parts of the pattern. 


Fifth to last round: As R1 of pattern, but cross ALL P6s (K6, p3/3 cable cross) around.

Fourth to last round: K6 P6

Third to last round: As R3, but cross ALL K6s (K 3/3 cable cross, P6) around.

Second to last and last round: K6 P6 around

Bind off in pattern.


In addition to customizing colors, stripe placement and stripe width, you might also want to make the bottom end a bit wider if you want more chest coverage.  Easiest way to do that is to CO 112 stitches (or more) and do K7 P7 around, then decrease during the second repeat of the pattern.  To do cable crosses, you can put 3 on cable needle, and then work 4 before working the stitches on the needle. 

3/3 cable cross

KNIT: Take three stitches onto cable needle and hold to front of work. Knit next three stitches, then knit three stitches from cable needle.
PURL: Take three stitches onto cable needle and hold to front of work. Purl next three stitches, then purl three stitches from cable needle.

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