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This sock pattern uses the Double Basket Pattern from Barbara Walker's First Treasury, converted to circular knitting.  It makes a very waffly, textured sock, that plays with the characteristics of the purl stitch--to recede when in vertical columns and to pop out in horizontal welts.  It's surprisingly easy to memorize and makes a dashing sock!


In this sock pattern, I'm going to make the gross assumption that you already know the basics of sock construction, so I'm going to 'cheat' and only give you the pattern down to the heel.  From that point, feel free to use any heel turning you like, and continue the pattern down the top of the foot if you like (I always do) and do your own favorite toe.  


This is a picture of the sock in progress.

Using size1 dpns or circular needles, cast on 73 stitches.  Join into ring, knitting the last stitch and the first stitch together (this prevents the 'gapping' at the join of the round)--72 stitches.  Work in k2 p2 rib for an inch (more or less, your preference!)  Begin pattern as follows:

R1:  knit around

R2&5:  *k11 p2 k2 p2 k1 around

R3&4:  *k1 p8 k2 p2 k2 p2 k1 around

R6-9: Repeat Rounds 2-5

R 10:  knit around

R11&14:  *k2 p2 k2 p2 k10 around

R12&13: * k2 p2 k2 p2 k2 p8 around

R15-18:  Repeat Rounds 11-13.  

Repeat these 18 rounds for desired length of ankle.  I did 5 repeats of the pattern, but I prefer long sock legs!

From here, work your favorite sock 'basics' of heel, foot and toe.  Enjoy!