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About Me

This is the page where you invade my privacy

I lead horses to water and hold their heads underwater, which is a nice way of saying I teach, or try to.  We consider it a noble battle against the demons of ignorance and undiscipline  I'm old and cranky, and this job doesn't make me any less so.  And if I looked like Angelina Jolie, you think I'd have time to do all this knitting?  All that shooting?  All this websitery?  Draw your own inferences about my pulchritude.

I'm a child of the Northeast, though I've lived just about every major region in the US.  And I did develop a liking for collards and hot fresh Krispy Kremes.  However, the draw of the bagel was stronger, so I find myself on Long Island, which is your typical suburban housing development cookie cutter blandness, but surrounded by water and with the laziest police force in the US.

Sexy, non?

What a job!

This is me modeling the latest in Smurf Maternity wear.  The strongest *disincentive* I can conceive of for getting a Ph.D.  Beyond the ludicrous employability.  Because yes, I have a PhD, from Chapel Hill (in case the *Carolina Blue* (tm) was lost on you there, Tex), in Medieval Lit.  What's more useless than that?  If I knew, I'd probably have a degree in *that* instead.


Favorite handgun:
Sig Sauer 220
Favorite movie:
Sahara (the 1942 one with Humphrey Bogart, you ninny!)
Favorite book: 
Far from the Madding Crowd
Favorite food:
Nutella.  I'd die without nutella on a toasted English muffin. 

Things that annoy me:
Disaffected youth who wear band t-shirts of counterculture bands from when *I* was their age (seriously?  Danzig?!)
People with no integrity who'd rather tell horrifying lies than own up that they didn't do the homework.
Fundamentalists of ANY religion (you too, Wiccans!)
Anyone who cares what Britney Spears is up to right now.
The ludicrous salaries athletes get paid to *PLAY A GAME* while our educational system crumbles under our feet.